Dreams Come True

Terms & Conditions

    1. The Dreams Come True with AirAsia Campaign (“Campaign”) is organised by AirAsia Berhad (“Organiser”).
    2. By registering for the Campaign, the Artist(s) (“Artist”) are deemed to have agreed to be bound by all the Terms and Conditions (“Terms and Conditions”) listed here.
    3. The Campaign will commence from 00:00 (GMT +8) on the 13th November 2017 and end at 23:59 (GMT +8) on the 21 st January 2018 (“Campaign Period”).
    4. Only 1 Winner (“Winner”) will be selected on the 15th January 2018 and will receive the following Prize (“Prize”):
      • An opportunity to perform with David Foster at one of his concerts in 2018.
    5. Campaign Mechanism:
      • Spotify will confirm top trending Artist(s) who have the highest number of streams from Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines and Indonesia (“Countries”).
    6. Once the Campaign commences on the 13th November 2017, the "stream counter" will be reset on a weekly basis to identify the Top 8 and Top 4 Artist(s). The Top 4 final Artist(s) will be mentored by David Foster in Singapore. The stream counter will then be reset again on a weekly basis to identify the Top 3 and Top 2 Artist(s). Only 1 Artist will be selected as the Winner. The Winner will be contacted/informed starting from 00:00 (GMT +8) on 15th January 2018 and no later than 23:59 (GMT+8) on 21st January 2018, via the Dreams Come True with AirAsia Campaign Microsite (“Microsite”) or any other mode of communication deemed appropriate by the Organiser.
    7. Each Artist(s) shall ensure that the correct hashtag ‘#DreamsComeTruewithAirAsia’ is used and a short description of the posting is provided when posting on Instagram and Facebook.
    8. Only Artist(s) that adhere to the Campaign Mechanism stated above shall be eligible to win the Prize. Incomplete entries and/or Artist(s) who fail to abide by the Campaign Mechanism will automatically be disqualified from the Campaign without any prior notice.
    9. The Prize cannot be redeemed or exchanged for cash, credit or any other benefits in kind.
    10. By participating in this Campaign, the Artist(s) agree that the Organiser may publish or display any material or information, including but not limited to the names of all the Artist(s) and/or the photos, videos and content submitted, for marketing, advertising and publicity purposes in any manner deemed appropriate by the Organiser, with no monetary payment, whatsoever.
    11. Each Artist(s) hereby agree that all rights to the photos, videos and content with the hashtag ‘DreamsComeTruewithAirAsia’, including the copyright, are and shall remain the sole property of the Organiser, free and clear from any claims by the Artist(s) or anyone acting on their behalf. The Organiser’s rights include, but are not limited to, the rights, in perpetuity, to:
      • Use, re-use, publish, and re-publish the photos, videos and content, in any medium whatsoever and for any purpose the Organiser deems fit;
      • Alter, modify or otherwise change the photos, videos and content, in any manner the Organiser desires;
      • Combine the photos, videos and content with textual matter and/or with other pictures and/or media; and,
      • Use the photos, videos and content for illustration, promotion, art, editorial, advertising, trade, publishing, or any other purpose whatsoever.
    12. If the Winner is subsequently disqualified to participate in the Campaign, the Organiser reserves the right to withhold or reclaim the Prize.
    13. The Organiser reserves the right to suspend, amend, add or modify any of these Terms and Conditions, with or without any prior notice to the Artist(s). Other modifications will be announced via the Microsite.
    14. The decision of the Organiser in relation to every aspect of the Campaign, including but not limited to the type of Prize, Artist(s) and Winner are final, conclusive and binding, and no further appeal, enquiry and/or correspondence will be entertained.
    15. The Organiser will borne the costs of the accommodation and flights for the Top 4 final Artist(s) to fly to and from Singapore for the mentoring sessions with David Foster. This is only applicable to the Artist(s) residing in the Countries except Singapore. All other expenses associated with this Campaign and Prize not stated shall solely be borne by the Artist(s). Compliance with any health or other government and legal requirements is the responsibility of the Artist(s).
    16. The Organiser reserves the right to substitute or replace the Prize, cancel, terminate or suspend the Campaign with or without any prior notice and reason. For the avoidance of doubt, any cancellation, termination or suspension by the Organiser shall not entitle the Artist(s) to any claim or compensation against the Organiser for any and all losses or damages incurred as a direct or indirect result of the act of cancellation, termination or suspension.
    17. By participating in this Campaign, Artist(s) agree to hold, defend and fully indemnify the Organiser from and against all losses, damages, expenses and all third-party actions, proceedings, claims, demands, costs (including without prejudice to the generality of this provision and the legal cost of each other), awards and damages that may arise as a result of the Artist(s)’ entry to the Campaign.
    18. The Organiser (including its respective employees, staff and agents) shall bear no responsibility for any damages, losses, (including but not limited to direct, indirect, loss of opportunity and consequential loss), liability, injury or disappointment incurred or suffered by the Artist(s) in connection with this Campaign, the promotion of this Campaign or the use of the Prize, except for any liability which cannot be excluded by law (in which case that liability is limited to the minimum allowable by law).
    19. By participating in the Campaign, it is deemed that the Artist(s) agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions herein set out upon submission of entry. The Terms and Conditions herein shall prevail over any inconsistent terms, conditions, provisions or representations contained in any other promotional or advertising materials for the Campaign. In the event of any inconsistency, conflict, ambiguity or discrepancy between the English version and the other languages on the Microsite, the English version shall prevail at all times. The Artist(s) also deemed to give their consent for collection of personal information which is governed by our Privacy Policy which is available at http://www.airasia.com/my/en/about-us/privacy-policy.page and also subject to the conditions herein set upon entry to the Campaign.
    20. The Artist(s) shall not hold the Organiser liable for the outcome of the Campaign.
    21. These Terms and Conditions are governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Malaysia.

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